While online learning isn’t new—over one-third of all college and university students in the United States had at least one distance education course in 2018—it impacted many students and families in new ways following the global COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual meetings over various telecommunication and videoconferencing tools have become more commonplace as many people continue working and learning from home. Such meetings may have students wondering how to present the best sides of themselves on their screens. The outfit ideas and tips described below can help students determine what they should wear in online classes to make their appearance on-camera a great reflection of themselves and maximize comfort during lectures and discussions.

Colors That Pop and Catch the Eye


Suppose you have goals of studying and practicing applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to serve people with autism spectrum disorder, behavioral problems, developmental disabilities, and more. You’ve submitted your transcripts, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, letters of recommendation, and additional requirements with your application to the University of Cincinnati to participate in a degree program where you can earn your masters in ABA online. While in such an ABA program, you will learn human behavior principles and complete the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) required coursework that will prepare you for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam. Also, you may have to attend live lectures and meetings with your professors and classmates that require you to turn on your camera.

Consider wearing bright colors that let your professors and classmates know you’re present. Eye-catching colors like red or yellow could stimulate the mind or trigger feelings of confidence or happiness, respectively. Additionally, colors that pop can keep you from blending into your background. However, always beware of colors that are so bright they could be distracting to others in the class.

Comfortable Garments and Undergarments


Many people may not think about their undergarments ahead of online classes or meetings, but it’s essential to remember that what you wear underneath your clothes can impact your focus. If you’re wearing a bra or pair of panties, briefs, or boxers that are too tight or ill-fitting, the discomfort they cause may rule your every thought, distracting you from your lesson. Purchasing undies from a company that specializes in women’s underwear—specifically shorts and boxers—and provides various sizes up to 3XL guarantees you pairs of comfortable womens boxer briefs that will feel good even in situations where you’ll be seated for long periods. Ultimately, wearing underwear that fits your body well and doesn’t create panty lines, whether you’re in a skirt or work pants, will allow you to feel good, look good, and stay focused during your online classes.

Accessories That Add to Your Look but Don’t Take From the Lesson


Dressing for online classes and meetings doesn’t only mean wearing stylish clothes. It also means accessorizing but knowing how to do so without distracting others. If you’re on camera and you’re not wearing bright colors, you may want to pair your outfit with statement pieces like rings, noticeable earrings, beaded bracelets, and layered necklaces. However, when doing so, it may be best to stay away from accessories that may seem large or busy for virtual education settings. Furthermore, even if your camera is off, avoid noisy accessories like clunky bracelets. Such jewelry pieces can be loud if you type a lot or move your wrist close to your device’s microphone.

Loose or Stretchy Fabric


When choosing an outfit to grace your screen with, it’s crucial to prioritize comfort as much as looking good. If you’re sitting on your laptop or tablet for a few hours, you won’t want to be wearing a tight shirt, skirt, or dress or a constricting blazer or jacket. Whether or not you have to have your camera turned on during class, you’ll want to wear clothes that allow free movement. Consider wearing stylish clothes made of stretchy or loose material that you’ll feel good in if you have to reach for something during class and can lounge in if your online session lasts hours.