The global pandemic has caused major changes across all job industries. Where there was once a shortage of jobs, there are now many jobs open in specific areas like mental health and medical care. In other industries, jobs are scarce. As people work to build new lives after the COVID-19 pandemic, many are considering returning to school to change careers. Others, looking for a change, are putting old degrees and experience to new uses. For a closer look at a few fields with positive potential that might work well for you, read on.

Legal Careers


Maybe you’re someone who’s always wanted to become a lawyer. Maybe you’ve worked hard every step of the way to keep your grades up and earn good test scores, and the entire process of choosing a career is simple for you. If so, you’re in luck if you hope to become a lawyer. The reality is that the ability to attend school remotely or even in a hybrid format has made law school more accessible for anyone with the dream of becoming a lawyer. Even better, the field of law offers the ability to specialize in a variety of fields. For this reason alone, the profession is one that won’t be going anywhere and is already showing signs of growth when it comes to overall demand.

If law is for you, the first thing you’ll want to do before even graduating high school is to begin to study the careers of lawyers you admire. Consider specialty areas that could interest you, too. For example, if you’re someone who hopes to become a personal injury lawyer to help people get fair compensation after car or workplace accidents, it’s a good idea to do some research on a firm like Seymour Furlong. Seymour Furlong Lawyers are WorkCover lawyers in Brisbane who help people to build back their lives after accidents that are of no fault of their own. A fulfilling and lucrative career, these lawyers make a big difference in the lives of their clients.

College Admissions Counselors


The pandemic has made a big difference in how people earn degrees and credentials. With more students than ever going to school online and others building their own hybrid formats, the average college application counselor stays incredibly busy. As a college admissions counselor, you could play a big role in helping a student achieve their goals. From offering encouragement to helping with interview prep and the application process, your work would make a big difference in the lives of the students you helped. Much like the lawyer working hard to get his or her client the money they deserve, you’d play a big role in helping give people hope for the future.

Medical Careers


The pandemic highlighted the need for essential nurses and nurse practitioners all over the world. Not only did these everyday heroes make a big difference in patients’ lives, but they also continue to play a major role in helping their communities. Never before has it been so clear that medical jobs are important and needed.

When considering a job in the medical field, don’t forget about mental health. With people reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety in record numbers, mental health workers are playing a critical role all over the globe. If you hope to help out and love working with people, this could be a great career choice for you.

At the end of the day, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to have a healthy balance between work and play. If you’re someone who’s looking for a career with the promise of stability, growth, and the ability to make a difference, any of the above could serve you well. Best of luck to you as you work to coordinate and plan your best future.