There are a lot of states worth visiting in the south, but Alabama is one of the best. As the home of rich culture, diverse cuisine, and complex history, Alabama deserves a spot on every traveler’s bucket list. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a trip to Alabama.

Gorgeous Scenery

With numerous state parks, serene mountains, and the Gulf Shores, Alabama features an abundance of natural beauty. Alabama’s countless plantations and farmland make road trips a breeze, and you’ll want to devote an afternoon to take in the beauty of the mountains in the north. The state is filled with scenic views—so make sure to bring your phone to take pictures.

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Educational Opportunities

For history enthusiasts and fans of classic literature, a visit to Monroeville, AL, is a must. As the hometown of Harper Lee and Truman Capote, the city is considered the literary capital of the state.

If you’re planning to stop in Birmingham, make sure to visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to learn more about the struggles that occurred during the civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s. Located across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church, the interpretive museum and research center offers several powerful exhibits, lectures, film screenings, and educational events.

Top-Notch Cuisine

There’s no shortage of Southern comfort food in Alabama. In a 2018 interview, Andrew Zimmern named Birmingham, AL, the ”hottest small food city in America right now.” Whether you’re a fan of BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken, or sweet potatoes, there’s a restaurant for you.

If you’re not sure how to break into the local food scene, start with a visit to Ollie Irene. The comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere of this well-known neighborhood spot is instantly inviting, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by personable servers and locals. The menu features range, seasonal, and handmade dishes. Don’t forget to check out the Mozza Bar, which features fresh, hand-stretched mozzarella made daily.

Sports Opportunities

Although Alabama lacks a professional football and basketball team, the state offers endless opportunities for sports enthusiasts. The state is full of scenic golf courses, Nascar races, and fishing spots, making it a dream vacation spot for sports fans.

During your trip, be sure to visit the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, a collection of over 400 championship holes on 26 golf courses.

Southern Charm

Along with a diverse culture, rich history, and a great local food scene, Alabama offers an undeniable Southern charm that can’t be beaten. You’ll feel welcomed by locals as soon as you enter the state, and you’ll want to pack up and move to one state’s many quaint, serene suburbs.

Although Alabama is full of Southern charm and hospitality, remember to err on the side of caution while on vacation. Regardless of where you’re traveling, trusting your gut can help you avoid potential travel emergencies and safety hazards. For example, if you’re planning to rent an Airbnb, use GoLookUp, a free information lookup site, to conduct a background check on your host.

From scenic views to Southern charm, Alabama has a ton to offer. Next time you’re thinking about taking a vacation, pack up your bags and drive out to Alabama!