Starting your own business is one of the most difficult undertakings most people will face in their lives. Significant challenges are present at every step, from the idea phase to finding the right employees, understanding your competition, and building your initial customer base. Whether you’re trying to start a retail store, go into real estate or finances, or launch a line of services, you’ll need every advantage you can get to be successful.

It’s a commonly held belief that half of the new businesses fail in their first year, but this actually isn’t true. In reality, only about 20% of businesses in the U.S. fail in their first two years, and roughly 65% fail before making it to 10 years. These may still seem like harsh statistics, but don’t let them scare you away if you have a great idea for a startup. The huge success of eCommerce and the amount of information available online gives modern entrepreneurs an edge that their earlier counterparts never had. Here are some of the main things you should worry about to launch your startup successfully.



You have to spend money to make money, as they say, and no business can exist without the proper funding. It may be that you’re fortunate enough to be able to fund your venture yourself, but otherwise, you’ll need to look for help. You can try your luck with angel investors, which tends to be less risky than debt financing, but it can be hard to find a source for investors. You’ll also have to prepare an impressive pitch for investors to be willing to take a risk on your venture.

If you need help purchasing a location for your new business, you can try Pacific Private Money. People take out loans for all kinds of things, including student loans, car loans, and even rehab loans. Private money loans are different from traditional loans in that they’re provided by private investors rather than public financial institutions. Pacific Private Money funds are also available to most borrowers since the property purchased will be used as collateral, and you can even secure funds from a lender in as little as two weeks.

Best of all, Pacific Private Money inc. loans aren’t based on your credit score. Since collateral is involved, your past won’t determine whether you’re eligible for a loan, which makes Pacific Private Money loans potentially invaluable for entrepreneurs at any level.




These days, any successful business needs technology on its side. This goes beyond just having a responsive and professional website, although that’s extremely important. You also might want to consider developing a mobile app or providing software services for your customers. Python is an incredibly popular programming language with software developers currently because it’s easy to read syntax and compatible with other languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and many more.

You’ll definitely need to understand the NumPy array if you want to use Python effectively. Essentially, NP is a Python function that creates numeric sequences of integers in order to manipulate data. Numpy is at work in basically any line of Python code, and it’s an essential element for any coder to master.



No one wants to start a business only to have a personal liability lawsuit or some other unfortunate event to bring it all crashing down. You have to protect your business, and you can always get the underwriting process started by going to an insurance company for various forms of business insurance. In fact, this is a great idea, but it’s not the only way you can protect yourself.

While anyone can open a personal bank account, and any business can have a business account, you may be able to open a Corporate Account if your business can be approved by a board of directors. Benefits of a corporate account include being able to separate your liability as a business owner from the liability of the business itself, additional investment options compared to other accounts, and the ability to draw from the account whenever you need to. As long as your business is deemed eligible, there are no further requirements to open an account.

Launching a startup is always an exciting time, and it can be an intimidating one as well. With the right planning, protection, and know-how, you’ll have your best odds to succeed.