The restaurant industry is a crowded marketplace, even with cuisine evolving almost daily to meet different dietary needs. One part of the industry that has seen a tremendous boom in vegan cooking. Eliminating the presence of any meats or animal-based products, more people are trying out the vegan lifestyle and looking for meals beyond just the same old side salad. Though your menu may be delicious and transformative, proper marketing is the only way to get customers through those doors. That starts with a catchy restaurant flyer.

Make use of large format printing.


When utilizing a print shop to draft up your flyers, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. If you find yourself Googling “Dallas print shop,” be sure to look into the rates that that printing company can offer you on everything from brochures and business cards to menus and postcards. It’s important when developing a flyer to make sure that the font is clear and easy to read instantly from the moment someone receives the paper.

You’ll want to make sure that the vegan nature of the restaurant is clearly listed while acknowledging the restaurant’s name up top as well. Facts like address and phone number may be better suited to the bottom of the page. You want to make sure the size of the font is large enough to be easily seen, but not so large that it clogs up the flyer.

Be sure to emphasize the all-vegan environment.


Vegan dining is more than just kale and tofu, and your flyers from the copy center should emphasize that. Website likes can give you an insight into what goes into a plant-based diet. This will show the difference between the chipotle mayo on an average supermarket shelf, compared to one that is plant-based and doesn’t rely on the use of eggs.

If your restaurant is only plant-based, you can emphasize the health benefits that come with this cuisine. Some vegan foods are free of cholesterol and trans fats, benefiting heart health and metabolism. You’ll also want to emphasize that you can’t taste the difference between original mayo or ranch dressing compared to their vegan counterparts.

Promote your social media accounts.


When working on menus and flyers for your vegan restaurant, you’ll want to get the word out as far and wide as possible. Be sure to include information for your social media accounts on these ads. This includes having that information on any stationery or business cards you acquire through a copy services provider.

For any restaurant, pictures emphasizing the quality of the plate are crucial. Most people eat with their eyes, so you want to have attractive options on your open menu. Getting that quality brunch pic can make all the difference in the long run to building a customer base.

Don’t be afraid to offer up discounts.


When making up these flyers, work with your local mailing center to get the message out through direct mail. These newsletters or flyers can find their way into mailboxes across town. One way to make sure that these stand out in a mail pile is by offering up coupons for a customer’s first meal at the new restaurant. Emphasize trying one of your specialty plant-based products, or give a discount on a certain amount spent.

At the end of the day, you want to bring as many customers into your venue as quickly as possible. It may seem overwhelming at first, but spending on graphic design and digital printing can make all the difference in getting the right flyer out to potential new customers. That can lead to more people enjoying a plant-based diet.