You’ve undoubtedly heard of sex dolls. Chances are, you’ve been at least a little curious. Stereotypes abound about the kinds of “creepy old perverts” who actually go through with purchasing one. But, in reality, using a sex doll can be a safe, fun way for men, women, and even couples to explore their sexuality. All things considered, you might find that the reasons you should consider buying a sex doll ultimately outweigh any social stigmas that might have stopped you in the past.

Minimal Risks


As great as sex with another human can be, it’s not without ample risks. Even when practicing safe sex and using protection, there are still risks like sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. When having sex with a doll, you’ll inherently be having safer sex, with few associated hazards. In fact, you’ll avoid the risks of social activity in general—amidst the recent pandemic and quarantines across the globe, companies saw a surge in interest in sex dolls as a way to help reduce stress and loneliness while in isolation. This is all the more beneficial if you find dating to be anxiety-inducing: you might be afraid to talk to people at a bar, but you won’t need to flirt with your doll to get her to come to bed with you.

More Creativity


Your doll will be ready to do whatever you want, whenever you want. See a new position you want to try? She’s game—and, with the flexibility offered by California Dolls’ lifelike TBE dolls, she won’t complain if it involves a bit of stretching. Want to act out your go-to fantasy or favorite porn videos? You’ve got a silicone partner ready and willing. The options are endless! That creativity lends itself to your initial purchase of the doll, too. There’s a wide variety of shapes and styles of dolls available so that you can find your dream doll. Interested in a redhead sex doll? You’ve got it. A particular breast size? Consider it done. Your sex doll can help you live out your wildest, most specific fantasies, however creative they may be.

Minimal Costs


Yes, a sex doll has an upfront cost. But have you ever sat down and calculated just how much dating costs? Between outfits, dinners, activities, and gifts along the way, it adds up. Once you’ve purchased your doll, you won’t need to break the bank trying to wine and dine her. Your credit card will thank you when it’s not being added to month after month! And the lessened costs aren’t just financial. You’ll save the mental and physical energy of dating, too. You’re a busy person, with your attention pulled between work, home, friends, and more, as well as your sex life. A relationship entails checking in, spending time together, and thinking about your partner when you’re apart. Your doll won’t demand your time and energy. When you’re not with her, you’re free to focus your attention elsewhere to advance in your career or elsewhere in your life.

Sex dolls might not be for everyone. Your friends or family might not understand your interest and, with society’s taboo take on it, you might hide her away. But, if you have an interest in buying a sex doll to try for yourself, don’t let stereotypes keep you from the benefits. Compared to a relationship, you’ll avoid risks and costs, be they financial or energetic. With your doll, you’ll be free to enjoy the doll of your dreams in whatever ways you can imagine, however creative they may be. This freedom will build your confidence while giving you plenty of enjoyment along the way.