Millions of people across the country have left their offices to work from home this year. While many people welcome the change, some workers are left wondering how they can stay fit and focused if they never leave their couch. Just because you stay in your home all day doesn’t mean you have to lose the good habits you worked so hard to build. Follow these five tips to stay fit.

1. Look for excuses to get outside.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a dense urban area or out in the country, you can stay fit by going outside and walking around your area. Try to build 15-minute breaks throughout the day to stretch your legs. For example, you may decide to walk to the nearest mail-drop location instead of driving to the post office.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people who adopted dogs increased significantly. If you have a pet, you suddenly have an excuse to get outside to walk them and let them use the bathroom. Though if you do adopt a puppy, invest in the best harness for dogs that pull so you can control the dog no matter how excited they are for the walk. A harness doesn’t eliminate the need for proper training, but it can help bridge the gap as your dog gets trained, making walks enjoyable for you both.

2. Don’t let the weather deter your fitness efforts.

When you start working from home, you’ll be faced with countless excuses not to work out. You may feel tired or want to watch a show or not want to go outside in poor weather. While you should definitely stay inside if the weather is storming, don’t let a little drizzle deter you. Invest in a quality rain jacket and some waterproof shoes so you can get out no matter what. If you have a small child, consider buying the Stroller Buzz Universal Rain Cover & Weather Shield so they can join you on these outings, too. Fresh air is good for productivity and mental health for people of all ages.

3. Track your exercise minutes.

One common question that people have is how often they should exercise each week. According to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, you should participate in aerobic activity and muscle strengthening to stay fit for a grand total of at least 150 minutes per week.

Most people break up the 150-minute recommendation throughout the week. If you exercise for 30 minutes Monday through Friday, you can relax on the weekend. Those walks you take with your pup or the runs in the park with your child can help you quickly hit these target workout goals.

4. Maintain a healthy workspace.

You might not have a whole room dedicated to your office, but you should still make sure your workspace is healthy and comfortable. Invest in a good chair that provides lumbar support and prevents back pain, even if you only sit at your kitchen table to work.

Additionally, consider picking up a standing desk (or standing desk addition) that allows you to stretch while you work. This can help you avoid sitting all day, creating stiff muscles and poor circulation.

5. Don’t fall into bad snacking habits.

If you’re easily tempted by snacks, then you may have a hard time working from home. With the whole pantry and refrigerator stocked full of food, you can easily pick up some bad habits like eating throughout the day or turning to junk food instead of prepared meals.

Stay cognizant of your eating habits and consider changing how you buy groceries now that you’re home more. It may be better to keep snacks out of the house entirely so you don’t overeat.

You don’t have to give in to bad habits just because you’re working from home. Take steps to stay fit and build new habits that are also healthy.