You’re done with the cold and the gloom, and you’ve decided to head westward. Not just the West Coast in general, either, but to San Diego, where the sun’s rays will make you glow, and cloudy days will seem like a far-off dream. What an excellent choice you’ve made! Even if you’re already dreaming about the best way to sunbathe on all 365 days of the year, there are a few more things to be aware of as you head to San Diego. It’s not all turquoise waters and gorgeous, sandy beaches. Read on for some tips to make your San Diego adventure a wonderful (and safe) one.

Get yourself a self-storage unit.

You’re going to pack too much when you move to San Diego. You may think this is an exaggeration, but it’s true, nevertheless. It’s simply difficult to fathom just how sunny and warm it will be when you arrive in your new home. San Diego averages 266 sunny days per year, with the other days being just partially cloudy days. This kind of beautiful weather is hard to imagine if you’ve been living on the East Coast, or the Pacific Northwest, or almost anywhere in the United States before your move. As a result, you’ll probably pack “just a few cardigans,” or “just one winter coat,” only to discover that your new apartment is packed with boxes you’ll never open.

If you still want to bring these things, then get yourself a storage unit. Make sure it’s in a convenient location so that you can drop by the storage facility if you happen to ever need a long-sleeved shirt. This won’t happen, but it’ll make you feel better to have your belongings in a nearby storage unit. Plus, if you ever move away, you won’t have to buy a whole new cold-weather wardrobe‚Äîit’ll be right where you left it when you moved to town. A quick Google search for “self storage San Diego” will have you all set and ready to go, whichever unit size you’re interested in.

Wear sunscreen. Every day.

It’s hard to overstate how important it is to wear sunscreen, even if you’re just checking the mail. The sun is hot in San Diego, but it can also be brutal. UV rays (both UVA and UVB rays) will cause wrinkles, premature aging, sunburns, age spots, and, of course, you could end up with melanoma and skin cancer. The reasons to wear sunscreen go on and on. Yes, also on an overcast day. Yes, even if you’re wearing a hat and sunglasses. Yes, the sunscreen should be water-resistant. Not just in the summer months‚Äîput on broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day. You’ll lower your risk of skin cancer significantly, and you’ll get to enjoy your San Diego life that much longer.

Enjoy the huge expanse of land.

While New York City, and even San Francisco, are cramped and lack space, the San Diego area is a whole other story. Sure, you can choose to live in downtown San Diego, but you can also opt for a great experience in the acres and acres available for purchase just a few miles away. Why become another of the many tenants angling to be near San Diego State University when you could head to and buy yourself recreational land, hunting land, or just land, where you can spend as much time as you want to stare out at the horizon? AcreBin will get you all the extra space you ever dreamed of, and they’ll do it while providing friendly service at the same time.

Moving out West is a wonderful idea, especially if you hate the cold winter months. Just be sure to stay safe and be smart about where you settle down, and you’ll be enjoying the breeze on a spectacular summer day soon enough.