Even if you aren’t interested in cannabis yourself, you probably have a few fans in your social circle. When it comes to shopping for marijuana fans, you may not want to actually purchase weed yourself, especially if there is any uncertainty surrounding the legal situation in your area. However, there are plenty of products you can buy to help make their experience more enjoyable at a range of price points. If you’re not sure where to get started shopping for the cannabis enthusiast in your life and need some inspiration, read on for some unique gift ideas.

Make the experience easier for the casual smoker.


Determining whether your friend’s interest in cannabis is personal or professional is a good place to start when shopping for a gift. For those who use marijuana recreationally or medically as an individual, you can help improve their experience with a variety of different products. If your friend is a fan of glass pieces for smoking, like bongs or pipes, getting them something new to smoke with can be a really special and much-appreciated present. Given the amount of variety in designs and styles available now, it is also easy to find something that fits their personality, or that references a cultural property or visual style that is connected to your friends in some way.

If you know your friend does not live alone or just prefers their home not to smell like cannabis, consider buying something to help control the weed smell. A marijuana odor eliminator can help remove the telltale scent of weed from your home so it smells fresh and clean again. While other products like candles or sprays can help, there’s no replacement for a high-quality odor eliminator when it comes to removing persistent odors. Storage can also be an issue for marijuana lovers, decorative and well-made glass jars can be a great gift for storing flower and weed paraphernalia in a clean, safe, and visually appealing way.

Invest in real solutions for cannabis professionals.


If you’re shopping for someone who makes their living working with cannabis, they may not have the same needs or interests as a casual smoker. Looking more specifically for products and tools that assist in the business of marijuana is a smart idea, though you should always take time to find out what their specific set-up is like and what machinery they already have, so you’re not purchasing something they already own or don’t need. Packaging is one area where many cannabis professionals fall short and it can take up a lot of time in the manufacturing process if you have old equipment or don’t know what you’re doing. A bottle shrink sleeve machine for labeling and packaging products is both faster than a traditional heat gun and simpler to recycle or reuse.

For those with a business that is starting to get off the ground, you can help by offering to invest in something like marketing or promotion. If they’re having specific struggles, you could even hire a consultant or an expert to come work through their issues with them. Any business owner will tell you that having friends who are materially and financially supportive of their endeavors is one of the most meaningful presents anyone could give them.

If you aren’t a smoker or a fan of marijuana yourself, you might find yourself feeling completely lost when it comes to shopping for your stoner friends. You can find all kinds of gifts that support their hobby, or profession, without having to invest an inordinate amount of time and without actually having to buy weed yourself. Whether it’s helping with the smoke smell at home, providing entertainment options for when they are high, or offering material support for a cannabis professional, gifts that support a healthy interest in cannabis are both useful and incredibly meaningful for the marijuana enthusiasts in your life.