When you’re 18 years old picking your college major, you have your whole life ahead of you. It can be a lot of pressure to try and decide what you want to do with your entire career when you’re just finishing high school. Some individuals will end up changing paths later on or pursue higher education in a master’s program to achieve their goals. Whether you majored in business in undergrad or not, you may be exploring the application process for business school.

Getting a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is a huge step toward success in any business-related field. An MBA program prepares you to think critically, work well with others, and develop strong networking skills. The beauty of this degree is that it opens doors for so many other areas. With a degree from a top business school, the possibilities are endless for you to excel professionally. There are even a few professions you may not have thought of originally pursuing after school. Let’s take a look at just four unique MBA career paths for you to explore.

Getting into Business School

Before you can think about your future work experience, you need to get into your dream school. MBA admissions can be tricky and incredibly selective. As you start your application process, consider getting help from MBA admissions consulting. They can help you with interview prep, resume building, letters of recommendation, and more. These experts know how to make you look good to an admissions committee because they’ve worked with these offices for years. Get the best advice and practical help you can by relying on consultants who can best prepare you for admission into a top business school.

1. Marketing Management

One of the biggest areas within business right now is marketing and social media management. With the digital world expanding in new ways every day, companies are scrambling to find qualified, intelligent marketing managers. If you enjoy problem-solving and being creative with your day-to-day tasks, then this may be the perfect job for you to explore after you finish with your MBA. This would require a degree in marketing, PR, social media management, or something along those lines.

2. Health Care Management

Even though you’re getting a business degree, you don’t necessarily have to work in solely business fields. One area that really needs managers and administrators right now is the health care field. Especially in light of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals and health care facilities have been overrun and need strong leaders to manage the day-to-day and financial elements of these practices. If you have a passion for caring for people and taking care of those in need, this may be an area for you.

3. Sports and Entertainment Leadership

Maybe you enjoy connecting with people, and you love to entertain. You can use your MBA within the realms of sports and/or entertainment. Between sales experience for sporting events and the business of selling TV ads for major networks, or even selling a new priest shirt to major churches, there are plenty of opportunities to utilize your business connections and experiences within these fields. This is a way to enjoy the business world and stay involved in entertainment.

4. Financial Analysis

So much of business is all about finances and finding the bottom line. If you like working with numbers, and you enjoy the puzzle of putting together facts and figures, you could have a great career as a financial analyst. With this job, you’ll have a lot of power to control the revenue and sales of any company. It’s a great way to make yourself invaluable to a business.