Road trips can be grand adventures that mean making life-long memories and lots of laughs. They can be even more fun when done in style. If you and your friends or family are planning a road trip, and you want to dazzle them, there are a few things you can do that are both affordable and will mean an even more enjoyable adventure for you. For things to consider when hoping to show off your road-tripping style, read on.

Riding in Style


Step one in dazzling your friends on a road trip is having the right rig. Whether you’re an RV owner, drive a converted van, or use your daily driver as a tow vehicle for the perfect camper, your motorhome and how you’ve had it set up will matter. Even if you plan to travel in a typical sedan, there are ways to show off your style on the road. Take the time to research the latest trends in road trips. You might be surprised to learn about the handy and stylish accessories that make it possible to do not only laundry but stay connected to the World Wide Web anywhere you roam.

If your friends or family are RV beginners, they’ll be impressed with accessories you bring along like solar-powered chargers, refrigerators, and camper stoves you can use at rest stops, on public land, and even on the side of the road. To make a great impression, be sure to pack well in advance for your road trip and not forget to pack the camera.

No matter how you have your rig set up, nothing will say style like managing to get from one end of the country to another without issues. Before leaving for your road trip, make sure you see your mechanic, check on your motorhome warranty at a place like America’s RV warranty at, and be sure your insurance policies and road assistance are up to speed for your next adventure on the road.

Beauty on the Road


Your adventure will likely include stunning destinations with the opportunity for social media selfies along the way. To look your best, don’t forget to pick a few beauty routines you can keep up with during your travels. Consider things like magnetic lash liner and false lashes to keep you looking your best no matter where you go.

When packing for your road trip, consider how you’ll be traveling. For example, if it’s in a convertible, you’ll want to pack extra bandanas and hair ties. Consider your destination, too. If you are hiking, don’t forget to pack waterproof boots. One great tip for packing for a road trip where space will be limited is to pack layers in the same color hues, so you can mix and match clothing pieces and be ready for whatever moments and events spring up along the way.

Adding Glamour to Rustic Destinations


If you’ll be traveling to a more rustic place, sleeping in a tent, cabin, or even yurt, one great way to bring some glam to your vacation is to pack a few key items from home. Bringing your own blankets, pillows, wine glasses, and that special bottle of wine from a memorable occasion can be a great way of putting your own style into a trip on the road. Whether you’ll be picnicking in the mountains or snacking by the sea, having your favorite items with you will not only make your adventure more comfortable but impress your friends, too.

No matter where the road takes you, nothing says you can’t show off your personal style every place you go. From sprucing up a rustic destination or accommodations to sticking to fashion-forward beauty routines and habits on the road, you’ll be glad you took the extra time ahead to plan out those extra details that will make your trip more stylish and successful.