2021 may be the year that many people decide it’s time to move on from the place that’s always been home to them—it may be their year for moving out on their own. Several factors may contribute to an individual’s or couple’s decision to leave home. The need to downsize or upsize, be closer to their family and friends, decrease the commute to school or work, or move away from unpleasant landlords or neighbors may all contribute to their decision.

Regardless of what factors precipitated the decision to move, finding a new place can be a big task. Even when you locate the right place for you, it can also be an overwhelming task to navigate your move’s logistics. Making a successful move to a new property entails more than just packing your possessions up in boxes and transporting them—it requires managing your finances and keeping them in order.

Other aspects of successfully moving include making indoor or outdoor upgrades in some cases and possibly doing legal work. The process of putting your property up for sale, locating a new one to rent or buy, and getting settled in can be complex, especially if you decide to do so amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Described below is a guide to help new homeowners navigate the challenges of moving to a new home.

Determine the affordability of the properties available in your ideal location.


When moving to a new property, it’s crucial to consider your current state of finances and what you expect of your future finances. Doing so can enable you to create a realistic budget. By following a realistic budget based on your salary, medical expenses, and household bills, for example, you can determine a reasonable limit on how much money you’re willing and able to spend on a new property, which can ultimately enable you to avoid overspending. Browsing for properties within your set price range will be easier once you determine how much you can afford to spend and decide on your ideal location for living.

For instance, during the pandemic, it could be ideal and appealing to take up residence in places that allow for proper social distancing away from crowded places and are conducive to online learning for students and remote working for at-home workers. Log cabin homes and mountain properties, for instance, can be permanent residences where people can get peace of mind and leave behind work-related stress or any anxiety they may have that stem from the uncertainties related to COVID-19.

Additional benefits of living on mountain property are that doing so enables people to go hiking and skiing and engage in various physical activities. Furthermore, living in the mountains or near mountains relates to having a happy and healthy life—an advantage that new homeowners and residents could benefit from during the ongoing health crisis. Home seekers wanting to live in a log cabin full-time should purchase property in a convenient, enjoyable location that suits their everyday routines and lifestyle. With the best mountain property real estate company, you can find comfortable log homes for sale with unique interior designs, high-quality stone fireplaces, and windows that provide cabin owners with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing view of the mountains.

Seek an experienced realtor’s services.


Many first-time homebuyers choose to consult a real estate agent to guide them in finding their dream home, a choice that ultimately benefits and optimizes the home buying process. A professional realtor can provide new homebuyers and homeowners with information and explanations about the home buying process, arrange for walk-throughs and viewings of houses of interest, and negotiate deals.

It would be most advantageous for homebuyers to use real estate agents in their local area, as local agents can offer insight into the community climate of neighborhoods you’re considering. Texas homebuyers, for example, could benefit from working with a real estate agent from a reputable Texas real estate company, such as Venterra Realty. Based in Austin, TX, Venterra is a top-notch workplace for professional women, people of color, and employees of all orientations and ages. This realty management company’s atmosphere encourages employees to learn, grow, and feel excited about work each day. Venterra continues receiving recognition outside of the organization for its positive workplace culture and its professionals who put home buyers first and prioritize their diverse needs.

Complete thorough inspections of the properties you’re considering to be your new home.

Touring a property that you’re considering buying can be beneficial because doing so gives you the chance to make sure it’s clean, safe, and in livable condition. Inspections can alert buyers to any issues with the walls, ceilings, insulation, electrical wiring, floors, air conditioning and heating, plumbing, and identifying if there are working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

A property’s rooftop and foundation require routine examinations. A durable roof is vital for homes, especially if you live in parts of the country where snow falls, like Northern Virginia. Professional roof installers can perform repairs in case of roof damage, replacements, and installations of various gutters and shingles, and install new roofs, like slate or metal roofs. For high-quality, dependable roof installation, property owners in Northern Virginia should consult the best Northern Virginia roofing contractors, a Better Business Bureau (BBB)-accredited roofing company of experienced professionals, to receive quality work on roof repairs or the installation of new roofs.

Obtain a safe storage space for your belongings.


Once new homeowners have the right property for them selected and close the deal on it, they can prepare for moving day by packing up their possessions and furniture and preparing them for transport. A trick for easing and optimizing the moving process is to reduce the number of belongings in your home. Consider housing your items in a storage facility to make lighter trips from one property to the next. Doing so can make a move easier for you and any professionals you hire or any family members and friends that help you carry and transport your possessions.

Storage space can be beneficial even if you’re making a short move from Arlington, VA to Washington DC, or vice versa. An online search using keywords like ‘storage space near Arlington, VA closest suburb to DC‘ can help you locate a close storage facility for a reasonable price. Knowing ahead of time the best storage company to consult and their self-storage unit prices can help you arrange how and when you’ll carefully store your furniture and any other belongings while preparing to move into your new home.