When choosing the perfect diamond to propose, it helps to understand the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond. Natural diamonds are often a popular option due to their resale value, which is helpful when the time comes to upgrade your ring. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds depreciate by half once purchased.

What’s the difference between natural and lab-grown gemstones?


You can purchase real gemstones at almost any jewelry store for a range of prices. It’s worth noting that purchasing a diamond in-person in a store comes with a 50 percent markup compared to purchasing the same gem from an online jewelry store. Natural diamonds vary in cost according to the four C’s – cut, clarity, color, and carat. Even with an attractive discount, natural gems are very expensive and often don’t fit the budget for an engagement ring.

Lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that have the same appearance and chemical composition as real diamonds. You can’t tell the difference with the naked eye, but you can immediately tell a price difference. Lab-grown diamonds are also priced according to the four C’s and can be as much as 30 percent cheaper than natural diamonds.

Agape Diamonds LLC is renowned for its synthetic diamond jewelry. Each of their simulated diamonds is flawless and colorless to resemble the same optical properties of earth-mined diamonds. Their stones feature a brilliant cut, excellent color, clarity, and carat size for a fraction of the price of natural diamonds. The jeweler also offers a stunning collection of emerald jewelry made with both natural emeralds and lab created emerald stones. Their synthetic emeralds have the same brilliance as real emeralds at a more affordable price point. Their gemstone collection also includes traditional sapphires and white sapphires set in pendants, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Every gem from Agape comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 30-day exchange policy.

Choosing the Right Diamond


Presenting your special someone with a brilliant piece of precious jewelry is a classic way to say “I love you”. It takes a lot of thought to find the perfect ring that shows how you feel and that complements your partner’s unique style. After all, your partner will be looking at their ring every day, so it needs to be the perfect fit. You also need to make a smart financial decision when shopping for a gem and ensure your purchase within your budget.

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The Benefits of Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds


There are plenty of benefits to purchasing either a natural or lab-grown diamond. The value of natural diamonds increases with inflation, which makes it a good investment. Because natural diamonds have been bought and traded for longer than lab-grown diamonds, their pricing is more stable over time. Natural diamonds in unique colors tend to appreciate more quickly in value, making them an even more advantageous investment. Red, pink, and blue diamonds have the highest valuation.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same optical properties as natural diamonds. Their supply chain is shorter, meaning it’s less intensive to get lab-grown diamonds into the hands of consumers. A shorter supply chain means reduced costs for the consumer, making lab-grown diamonds a cost-effective alternative. Lab-grown diamonds are under constant monitoring while being grown, which gives consumers many options. They are a popular choice among consumers who are eco-conscious or concerned about the ethics of diamonds.

Purchasing a diamond is a big investment. Whether you choose to purchase a natural or lab-grown diamond depends on your budget and ethical preferences.