Modern-day society has a pretty clear idea of what constitutes a conventional relationship. Friends and family, magazines, and internet gurus are full of dating advice for “normal” couples to meet and thrive. But sometimes it seems like the universe just doesn’t want you to find that perfect person by traditional means. Unconventional ways to find love are just as valid, though less common—and might just be the key to meeting the love of your life.

Genetic Matchmaking

When Gregor Mendel, the “father of modern genetics” experimented on pea plants in the 19th century, could he have ever guessed that people a century and a half later would be using the same concepts to find love? Genetic matchmaking uses DNA testing to match couples based on their biological compatibility. While some experts question the exact science behind it, there’s no reason not to try it if you’re interested—if nothing else, you and your potential partner will have something in common from the start!

Social Media

You’re probably already familiar with missed connections, where someone advertises meeting or seeing a stranger from afar whose information they regret not getting at the time. Popularised on Craigslist, this opportunity at a second chance has made its way into songs by artists like Jaron and the Long Road to Love (led by half of the 90s/00s duo of “Crazy for This Girl” fame) and popular interpretations of The Beatles and James Blunt. This method is still around on Craigslist and pops up often on social media. If you feel a spark with someone you meet in passing, what can it hurt to try?

Online Inmate Search

You may have heard stories of prison penpals-turned-partners but it’s more common than you probably think. Many of these relationships begin as friendships before blossoming into something more. Consider an online inmate search to make a connection that could prove to be a perfect match. Of course, if you prefer to jump more quickly into a relationship, there are plenty of inmates looking for just that through dating sites or personal ads. If you’re concerned about safety risks,


International Dating

Popularized by TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and its many spinoffs, dating services targeted to international matchmaking are available for many nationalities. These relationships overcome distance, culture shock, and, often, language barriers in the name of love!

Similar Interests

Similar interests are a key point of any strong relationship but have you considered that as a starting point for one? If you’re interested in trainsliterature, or even tattoos, surround yourself with people who share that interest (online or in-person) and chances are you’ll find someone with whom you share a special spark. You’re bound to make friends along the way, learn more about the things you love, and make meaningful connections along the way.

Law of Attraction

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the law of attraction refers to, in the simplest terms, the idea that like attracts like; what you focus on will be returned to you. So, in terms of love, if you’re constantly thinking and talking about how you’re “going to die alone,” you’ll attract more of that same loneliness. By staying optimistic—and making peace with where you are now—you can welcome love into your life. It may be a bit “woo-woo” for some but, if your interests tend toward the spiritual, it can be a great exercise as you try to find love.


When it comes to falling in love, there really are no rules, so long as you’re being genuine and compassionate. You can use more traditional means, like singles nights, blind dates arranged by friends, or even dating apps, or try something more unconventional. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you love your future partner as much as you can.