It’s the night before your big business lunch. You’re tucked into bed, going through every major point you plan to tackle. The PowerPoint presentation has been solidified for weeks. You’re 100 percent ready for this project to take off. Right before you close your eyes to drift off to sleep, you feel a jolt of terror. You forgot to plan an outfit. If this was any other business meeting, you wouldn’t even waver as you toss on the same black slacks and maroon button-up. But tomorrow is THE presentation. Not to mention, you know you’re going to run into your ex at the lunch after the presentations (Why must he work in the same department!). There is no time for Etsy, Poshmark, or free shipping, so you’ve got to work with what you’ve got!

It’s the little things that make the big picture.


Start with simple staples and work with the accessories. If you have a personal connection to a specific item, that’s the one to reach for. If it pulls at your heartstrings, then your aura will shine through it. Grab a silk tie a la Blake Lively in A Simple Favor, where she truly mastered the androgynous yet ultrafeminine look with her high fashion necktie and classic beauty. Whether it’s for a future business event or a glamorous wedding, Bespoke Ties has an endless inventory of sophisticated pieces perfect for all occasions that need a little elegance, for the bride or the groom.

Powerful presence starts with a powerful stance.


Shoes can make or break an outfit. Imagine you see Anna Wintour walk into any room; she demands attention immediately. Now imagine you look down at her feet and find yourself in a great deal of confusion as she struts out in a pair of dark grey mules when she should be in Valentino high heels. The simplest detail can completely transform a look, thus elevating your persona. To really kick up the inner superwoman in you, click on over to find a pair of the best studded heels to amplify your footwear wardrobe. If you’re not keen on sky-high stilettos, opt for classy patent leather kitten heels, but don’t you dare wear any sneakers, no matter how nice you think they are.

Sophistication is exemplified through the eyes.

The most boring outfit can be brought to new heights with a smoky eye and nude lip that’s simple yet enchanting. Women’s beauty has evolved over the years, and we can now truly have fun with everyday looks. If you’re not into spending an elongated amount of time on your makeup, here is a quick 10-minute everyday tutorial that will change your morning wellness routine not as a wild diva but as the next CEO.

Add outer layers as the final touch.

Balenciaga jackets are lighting up the winter runway shows, but if the price tag feels out of reach, there is a bevy of coats you can find on Poshmark or Etsy, saving you money and aiding in protecting the planet by purchasing secondhand. Adding an outer layer brings an aspect of versatility to your outfit, then wrapping a double buckle belt will bring the outfit together perfectly for you to step out and tackle your day. On your subway ride to dominate your day, don’t forget a structured bag, tinted glasses (so no one can see the bags under your eyes), and a hot mocha (because four hours of sleep is simply not enough). Taking on the business world as a modern-day woman comes with its challenges, but a boring outfit should never be one of them.