During this time of pandemic-spurred uncertainty, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of crippling anxiety and depression. While we should all do our part to stay home and socially distance in order to keep our communities safe, the isolation can also strain our mental health. Taking up a hobby can help us remain upbeat and positive during these difficult times. Hobbies aren’t mindless pastimes, but rather important self-care activities.

They provide comfort in an era of worry and fear. During times of crisis, an end can feel unobtainable. But hobbies address those unresolved emotions by offering a sense of completion. When you are done knitting a scarf, you have the final product in your hands. When you finish baking, you have a loaf of bread to enjoy fresh from the oven. Hobbies have the power to reduce stress, and here are just a few to help find a sense of relief and relaxation during these uncertain times.

Collecting Rocks and Minerals


Collecting rocks and minerals is a great way to learn more about our earth and connect to your inner self. Purchasing gemstones adds beauty to your home and an opportunity to learn more about history and geology. Gemstones also possess healing properties that can be incredibly beneficial when placed in your home or on your body. You can also simply wear gemstone jewelry as a fashion statement. To learn more about the history and healing benefits of rocks and minerals, check out the website belonging to renowned New York lawyer Howard Fensterman. Here, you will find more information on crystals as you start building your collection.



Art of any kind can be immensely cathartic. Painting, drawing, coloring, and even doodling can help lower your stress levels. Art helps us make sense of our emotions, express ourselves, and keep our minds occupied on something other than the constant news circulation. In fact, a 2016 study in the Journal of American Art Therapy Association found that 45 minutes spent working on an art project significantly reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone). So even spending a short time making art can go a long way. You can purchase art supplies online at paintloose.com for all of your creative needs.



Gardening outside or growing plants inside your home is a great, relaxing hobby with beautifully visible results. Outdoor gardening gets you into nature, allows you to work with your hands, and helps develop patience and dedication as you learn about the proper care of plant cultivation in regards to proper drainage and reducing pests. Buying houseplants can be easily done online. You can search for a variety of plants that can be delivered straight to your door like the fiddle leaf fig. When researching what kind of plants to grow, be sure to keep in mind your natural climate and the amount of sunlight, moisture, and humidity necessary for your garden to thrive. You can also purchase fertilizers, a new pot with drainage holes, nutrients, and even fresh soil for your plants.

Learning a New Language


Learning a new language stimulates our mental abilities and helps keep our minds sharp. Quarantine and self-isolation give us a great opportunity to brush up on our foreign language skills or even learn a new language. You can use apps, YouTube videos, or even take an online language class. Learning a new language improves our memory and may even prevent or delay dementia.



Another great mentally-stimulating hobby is putting together a puzzle. You don’t need to pull out a puzzle containing thousands of pieces to have fun; even just a simple puzzle can be an engaging and relaxing distraction.