Every industry needs project managers to observe everything that’s happening—whether it’s supplement manufacturing or crafting jewelry from synthetic diamonds. A project manager is like the eye in the sky, watching out for potential pitfalls and keeping all team members on task. That being said, there are specific ways in which each industry uses the skills that a project management professional (PMP) brings to the team.

So, with that in mind, if you work in the jewelry sector and aren’t using all that a project management professional can bring to the table, it might be time to consider the options available. Whether you specialize in working with a natural diamond (also known as a mined diamond), synthetic diamonds (also known as lab diamonds), or any other gems, there’s plenty that a PMP can do for your business.

Outreach About Complex Products


One thing to know about the jewelry industry is that it’s constantly shifting. If you’re not a seasoned industry professional, you may think that all engagement rings are essentially the same or that gems are inherently static objects. Not so, or at least, not anymore. Actually, exciting advancements are being made in how a jewel can now be crafted in a lab. The inclusion of synthetic diamonds on the roster of potential jewel options for engagement rings, alongside gemstones like sapphires and emeralds, allows for an ethically minded person to enjoy less expensive conflict-free diamond rings.

Synthetic diamonds aren’t faked—it’s not like buying an engagement ring darned with Cubic Zirconia—they’re painstakingly crafted in a lab. The difference between a lab diamond and a natural diamond is invisible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, that’s hard to explain if a retailer doesn’t have the right elevator pitch practiced.

Project management helps a great deal when it comes to outreach regarding complex products like earrings with synthetic diamonds in the place of natural diamonds. This type of complexity necessitates outreach in various arenas—through social media, blog posts, scientific publications, and more. Only a PMP with a certificate and who can operate under the high pressure and stakes that come with challenging the realm of natural diamonds can make sure the marketing is firing with full clarity on all cylinders. If you’re trying to change the face of the diamond industry, you need a project management professional on your side.

Project Management Training


That being said, do you need to hire an outsider to manage responses to claims that synthetic diamonds aren’t real? If so, where in the United States can you find the right PMP for you? One option is to hire a graduate of the project management institute in San Antonio who you can train to understand the diamond market. Another option, of course, is to look into project management training in San Antonio and send an employee to be a participant in a training course. Look into PMP exam prep courses and see if this makes sense as the next step for your jewelry business.

Whatever kind of jewelry you specialize in, whether you’re a gemologist or focused on the best practices of sculpting metals into complex rings, bracelets, and earrings, someone who has passed the PMP exam will come in handy. The most insulting thing anyone can say to a gemologist or jeweler is that their jewelry is fake when they’ve given their all to attaining the sparkle. Retailers of all stripes, with years of experience, can utilize the competency of a project management professional to make sure that their outreach and activism is headed in the right direction.