If you’re considering a home remodeling project or undertaking any other home improvement, you’ll have to make many critical decisions. There are some upgrades you can easily forgo and the others you consider as non-negotiable.

However, the options available and your choices will determine the cost of your home upgrades. This is always a crucial factor that can’t be ignored, regardless of the size of your budget. That said, check out these four upgrades, which you can add to your home if required.

1. Tilework in your master bathroom.


If there’s that one place that could use an upgrade, then it’s going to be your tilework. Upgrading your shower areas and bathroom floors can quickly enhance your home and increase its value. To save cash, stick with the standard choices for everywhere in your home except your master bedroom. If necessary, you can ask your project manager to arrange this floor upgrade without an exorbitant cost tag.

For your master bedroom, you may consider upgrading to a large-format floor tile and include a focal point by the shower or bathroom area. It could be a horizontal border, a mosaic glass tile, or a shelf inset. Reliable local home refurbishment firms such as Mad City Windows and Baths can help you complete that enhancement.

Mad City Windows and Baths are a family-owned home remodeling business based in Wisconsin and Illinois. The company has a solid reputation and good relationship with local homeowners to provide expert and comprehensive delivery of superior quality products and remodeling solutions. The company has over 20 years of experience, completing over 50,000 home remodeling projects with the highest service standards and professionalism. From the windows, doors, and siding to your complete bathroom remodeling in Milwaukee, Mad City Windows and Baths have a wealth of experience in home remodeling projects.

2. Window Treatments

Your windows are a great area to upgrade without breaking your bank. From budget-friendly drapes to the DIY window treatment, there’s so much more you can do depending on your skillset. Although every home improvement project adds value to your home, many people focus on the most valuable ones, such as kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, and other exterior upgrades, but ignore their windows. Working on your windows will add to your home aesthetics and improve your energy efficiency goals.

Enhancing your windows with indoor plants is likewise excellent for adding to your interiors. At the same time, a houseplant and flowers may require a full blast of sunlight or indirect sunlight to thrive. Generally, most houseplants require less maintenance. Fortunately, many online platforms like Lively Root can educate you on the ideal plant for your home settings. They also take charge of live plant delivery to help with your greenery efforts.

3. Electricals

Just as with rough-in plumbing, introducing any extra electrical will be a lot simpler when your home is down to the studs. Regardless of whether you need to run a cable for your new in-wall speakers or make room for your new appliances like refrigerator, water dispenser, washing machine, or dishwasher, always try to save on the labor and installation costs.

It would be helpful to purchase your appliances from a renowned appliance brand to prevent frequent breakdown and repairs cost. However, if you need to undertake repair on any home appliance, it’s best to find a local reputable service such as Honolulu Appliance Repair, to help with electronic repair works.

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4. Basement and Garage

If you have plans to complete your basement down the line, consider all the great upgrade options available nowadays. Giving your basement that extra height will make it look like every other floor in your home and increase its appeal and use of space. Be aware that this improvement won’t come cheap, so find out what your financing options are.

When discussing home upgrades, garages are usually ignored. Your lot size and community layout may affect your garage size so be sure to research the local regulations and acquire all necessary permissions before you start any upgrade work. You can expand your garage to accommodate not only more cars but other belongings like your gardening supplies, bikes and serve as extra storage.

Committing to new construction or a home remodel can be pretty daunting with the countless options to select from. Knowing where to begin and your expectations for every project will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. This may also mean keeping costs as low as possible and saving other projects for a more convenient time.