Relationships are about so many things. You’re building a true partnership and going through life together. It’s about shared experiences and constantly choosing each other. True love accepts each other’s quirks and overcomes everything. But let’s be real. Relationships are about all that gooey romantic stuff, but they also are all about sex.

Your sex life and the intimacy you share with your partner are huge pieces of your relationship. If you’ve been together for a long time, it’s easy for things to stall in the bedroom. That initial passion and fiery romance can dim to a light smolder and you’re desperately wondering how you can get it back. Never fear, there are plenty of ways to revamp your sex life and make things a little more interesting in the bedroom. Here are a few suggestions for how you can revitalize that part of your relationship, whether you’ve been together for a few months or many years.

Check if there is a medical issue.


Everyone has a different sex drive. Sometimes your partner may just have a lower libido than you do. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong. However, there are ways you can investigate if there is a more serious problem. For example, a new prescription like birth control or anti-depressants can affect someone’s desire for sex. Consulting a medical professional can help you discover if there is a more serious issue. You may even be able to go to an online pharmacy to find a medication that can help.

For older couples, it is not abnormal to find you’re having issues keeping your libido up or if the man is dealing with erectile dysfunction as he ages. There are tablets and medications from the pharmacy like Cialis and Viagra that can help men keep an erection for longer and enjoy sex again. You can even get a discount on Cialis thanks to GoodRX and certain insurance plans. No matter what the issue, see if you can find that perfect fit to increase your libido and revamp your sex life.

Plan an intimate date night.

Oftentimes couples will be very interested in getting intimate, but you just have trouble finding the time. You live in a hectic, busy world, and it can be hard to prioritize your relationship, let alone find time to get intimate. Maybe the best way to revamp your sex life is to actually plan an intimate night together. Get reservations at a fancy restaurant and agree to get dressed up. This is an excuse to pull out those wide-calf boots or black boots that make you feel like a superstar.

The best fit will help you feel sexy and in the mood for your partner. You’d be amazed at what a pair of boots can do. It may not feel sexy or spontaneous to plan out a time to have intercourse, but it can make a huge difference to prioritize your sex life. Don’t make it an afterthought or something that you forget about. Instead, commit to intimacy so you can feel that closeness with your partner.

Explore new things in the bedroom.

As fun as sex can be, after a long time of the same thing with the same person, there is a potential for things to get boring or generic. If you’re really looking to revamp your sex life, offer ideas to explore some new things in the bedroom. This can be anything from new lingerie to new positions to role-playing to using toys. Ultimately, it is important that you speak with your partner openly about some of the fantasies you’ve had. You both want to feel comfortable exploring new things together so you have a great user experience. But by having those new experiences, you can absolutely revamp your sex life and enjoy special new moments.