Unconventional times call for unprecedented solutions. In the middle of a global pandemic, more people than ever are putting their creative thinking caps on to find new ways to make money. From using money they already have to make more, to putting hobbies and passions to work for them, these savvy geniuses are coming up with new ways to keep the income rolling in. To learn more about some unconventional ways to produce income, read on.

Using Financial Tools


Are you someone who’s financially savvy? Do you have spare money lying around? If you’re someone who understands the value in flip loans and private lending, this unconventional way of making an income could work well for you. For those who have financial experience, one way to make money is to open a lending business.

The best news is that this could work in reverse for you, too. What would happen if you bought the house down the road and were able to turn it around in a quick flip? With the right carpentry skills, this could be a reality. Maybe you live in Oregon and a Google search for ‘bridge loans in Oregon‘ has turned up an investment opportunity for you. By working with a private lender, you’d have the capital you needed to change directions quickly and help the private lender out too. In short, it could be a win-win. In the end, they’d get paid back, and you’d have an investment property that paid off with years of passive income through tenant rent.

Putting a Drone to Work for You


If financial know-how isn’t your strong suit, another way to make money that doesn’t require either private lending or conventional funding could be the simple use of a drone. Any drone hobbyist knows just how cool drone videos can be. What they don’t think about is the possibility of making money off their hobby by becoming a drone photographer. The possibilities here are nearly limitless.

A simple website and some marketing could have you running your own small business in no time. From wedding photography to working for a real estate agent to give clients drone photography of a region or area could mean endless clients. A good way to begin to research this is to Google search for ‘how to make money your drone,’ or find bloggers, vloggers, and even people on YouTube who’ve already discovered the great way drone footage can pay off financially.

Passive Streams of Income


A global pandemic has meant new rules when it comes to how we make money. Whether you can use your finances as tools or if you have experience in drone flight, there are endless ways to make money from home. You don’t have to be a videographer or be familiar with aerial vehicles to make an income that pays off long after the hard work is done. Consider the platforms you’re currently on. If you have a large following on Instagram or run a crafting blog, consider what you can do to monetize them. Whether it’s in offering tips or providing more of a service than you already do for the fun of it, something as simple as adding affiliate codes to your recommendations could add up big for you.

Other unconventional forms of passive income could include mobile advertising, stock photography, e-books, training, and e-learning materials. In the end, only your imagination is the limit to creative ways to make an income. Start by figuring out what your passion is. Consider your skillset, too. By taking an inventory of these, as well as your resources, you’ll be one step closer to finding a new income stream that works for you.