Maximizing productivity can be done in a number of unique ways. Perhaps the easiest to accomplish for a student on the go is the creation of a home study space that promotes peaceful energy and a great flow of ideas. Building the perfect comfortable study space in your home will take a little bit of tweaking and some effort, but the results speak for themselves. There is simply no substitute for a comforting environment that feels great to spend time in while getting all of your studying done.

Productivity starts in your environment.


There is a necessary internal drive that promotes expanded productivity, but without an environment that fosters creativity and peaceful contemplation, building that internal drive to complete each of the tasks that you’ve added to an action list can be difficult if not downright impossible. Your mental health plays a significant role in the ongoing performance that you rely on in each of your daily activities, including studying, and this can be hindered without the right study space to flex your brain in.

Many universities suggest that you study around two to three times as long as you spend in the classroom. So, a one-hour classroom session may likely demand two to three hours of additional devotion in order to really grasp the material. Of course, this will differ for each individual and across educational levels. A doctoral student will likely require a greater weekly time commitment than a first-year undergrad, yet the need for a dedicated space for that focus remains highly important at all levels of the educational spectrum.

Try a standing desk for a change of pace.


For those who have already carved out a workspace and are looking for a twist that will give them that extra push, a standing desk is a great option. Standing desks are the perfect complement to a workspace that’s just missing that one final element. Many people think and learn best while standing or pacing, and the ability to convert your workspace from a seated desk area to an elevated platform that can contain your thoughts while still giving you access to all the essentials within your workspace is a great tool for millions of students worldwide (for a favorite among UK students, try My Work Desk on for size. See all their available models at

Investigate your air conditioning and air purity for a quick fix.


Another trouble that many face while working from home is a loud or weak air conditioning system. Nothing derails progress on some of the world’s most important questions quite like a rattling noise in the ceiling above, or a sudden heat wave that brings the temperature up to a boil in your home with little to no relief.

AC repairs and the use of the best large room air purifiers in order to ensure that the air you’re taking in is both comfortable and clean can really make a difference in your workspace. An air purifier is often the perfect way to immediately change the energy in a study space. With purified air, your thoughts will become clearer, and the quality of your work enhanced. Consider a true HEPA filter for your next air purifier purchase, and you won’t be sorry.

With these action items taken care of, all that’s left to do is get back to the books and prepare for a long and successful career in your chosen field. Education is one of the most important things in this life, and without a fantastic study space that can facilitate the entire scope of the learning process, crucial components of this knowledge acquisition process can easily get lost in translation. Fight back with a comfortable and productive study space.