The thought of getting settled in a new home can be exciting, but the moving process involves a lot of hard work. First, you have to set a budget and find a home you can afford. Then, you have to buy or rent the property.

Millions of people relocate each year, and many find moving to be one of the most stressful life events they’ve experienced. Fortunately, you can use these steps to simplify the process and reduce your stress when you’re moving into your new Tampa home.

Create lists and buy or rent essential items.

Moving isn’t as simple as putting your clothes in a suitcase, putting the suitcase in your car, and driving to your new home. The moving industry generated over $18 billion U.S. in 2019. Even if you plan to do the bulk of the work yourself, you’ll need packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and tape. If possible, check at local liquor stores for boxes you can use because they receive shipments in sturdy boxes suitable for packing heavy items, such as books. Let your bank, utility company, cable company, and other household service providers know you’re moving and transfer services to your new residence. Schedule mail forwarding with the post office and make a note to change your driver’s license after your move.

Rent a vehicle for your moving date to ensure you have a vehicle with enough room for your possessions. Online cargo van rentals simplify the process of securing the vehicle you need. You can locate a vehicle and make a reservation online. Rental company websites have search tools to make it easy to find the rental truck you need. Enter your pickup location, the date and time when you need to get the vehicle, and the date and time when you’ll end your rental. The site generates a list of options and a map showing the pickup locations, enabling you to select the best arrangement for your needs.

Start tasks in advance.


Most people have multiple items to pack, such as books, games, movies, furniture, electronics, dishes, and toiletries. Schedule what you can pack. Suppose you’re moving in one month. You’ll need your toiletries and dishes until you move, but you can start packing your books and DVDs. Packing in advance reduces your workload and stress closer to your moving date. Make sure you label each box. Identifying the contents can help you locate essentials after your move. You can also color-code your boxes to make it easy to determine where the box belongs when unpacking.

Whether you bought a fixer-upper or an older home, you may have some repairs and renovations to complete in your new house. Completing those tasks before you move in enables you to unpack immediately and get settled without worrying about work crews accessing your bathroom while you’re unpacking boxes.

Hire local experts to complete your bath remodel in Tampa. Bathroom installers can convert bathtubs to showers or replace your shower surroundings. You can also get them to install walk-in bathtubs to improve bathroom safety if you have an older relative who’ll visit regularly. If you opt to renovate your entire bathroom, you can also have experts install new tiles and fixtures.

Ask for help.


Using checklists can help you remember to complete all required tasks and stay on schedule, but moving involves loading and unloading boxes. You may also have furniture to move. Ask friends to help you on moving day. Getting help will reduce your stress and decrease your chances of injuring yourself during your move, and you’ll be less likely to damage heavy items by trying to move them yourself.

You can simplify your move to your new Tampa home by creating lists of items you need to purchase, rent, and pack. Arrange for professionals to complete renovations before your moving date and ask friends or family members to help you on your moving day.