Business is a cutthroat marketplace. Standing out with your product is often the only way to make it inside many slices of the overall industrial grinder. Whether your firm has built the next best thing within AI, or you have solved that age-old question of getting children and seniors to use their seatbelts in the car with an ingenious gadget, your sales will remain non-existent if you can’t get yourself seen in the marketplace to build traction.

Standing out can be tricky because this is never a one size fits all consideration. But building up your company’s reputation and a sizeable customer base, as a result, doesn’t have to feel like reading the tea leaves either.

1. Utilize a goalsetting framework to hit targets.

A goal-setting framework, like the one provided by OKR tracking software, is a great way to ensure that your team stays focused and on schedule during the lead-up to a product launch, or any other company goals you may have. Combined with integrated communication platforms like Slack or Trello, your team will have no trouble staying on top of project goals and deadlines once you integrate the use of an OKR framework. OKR stands for objectives and key results, and by focusing on these you’ll be able to keep your team members’ eyes trained on the company objectives.

There’s nothing that throws cold water on a grand reveal like a tiny oversight that snowballs into major problems down the line. OKR software is an intuitive and easy to use solution to this problem. Goal setting within the OKR framework takes on a two-step process. First, you identify the objectives—these are your overriding company objectives for the product, company, or team. Your objectives are built on stretch goals and should convey a sense of finality to a task. Google utilizes OKR frameworks like these for their own team planning exercises and recommends three to five objectives that focus on the end result of a process that you home to achieve. The key results act as waypoints along the path of success. These are measurable—returning to the Google framework, on a 0 to 1.0 scale – and verifiable. Good key results act to keep your team members focused and tracking all together toward the desired end result, even if you have remote teams that need to keep up the spirit of teamwork so that they can optimize workflow and goal management.

2. Create a killer advertising campaign.

Advertising is the backbone of successful product launches, and it demands a strategic plan and set goals if you want to achieve amazing results. In order to sell your service or invention you need to reach out to customers so that they know it, and you, both exist. You may have cracked the code of easy and painless tattoo removal or solved the lost keys paradox, but without broadcasting your accomplishment and its impact on the lives of those who would benefit you won’t sell anything.

Engaging a post production service to create stunning 3D animation or live-action video with stunning special effects that sells your story and your service is an important step. When bringing your product to market or expanding your existing footprint to move more units the importance of a visual effects partner that can include key features within your strategic plan and meet tight deadlines can’t be overstated. Video content is easily digestible and has become the go-to advertising solution for firms all across the country. Consider integrating closed captions into your video production. This allows potential clients who are hard of hearing to find out about your company as well. Take a page from this book and create stunning visuals that show off your service to the masses.

3. Engage directly with potential clients.

Another great way to increase your visibility is to engage directly with your intended audience. Market research might suggest that your ideal buyer is a city dweller, aged 18-35, and loves Burger King. Partnering with your local branch in order to set up a marketing tent that increases your visibility and gives you direct access to those you hope will buy your product is an invaluable asset for driving future sales.

4. Try new media platforms for a unique entry into the market.

Lastly, engaging prospective clients over TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram should represent a firm arrow in your quiver. These platforms—among others—draw a truly huge viewership every single day. Creating content that showcases your product, and does so in an entertaining way can boost sales overall and your visibility overnight. Utilizing these newer platforms is a great way to target specific demographic groups and build generalized visibility at the same time.