Whether you’re planning to change apartment complexes or moving to an entirely different location, the process involved in relocation can be very stressful. That’s quite true if you don’t take the time to plan through your relocation adequately.

Knowing how to make your relocation process more comfortable will help reduce the time needed, minimize potential disruptions, and make the process easier. This article will consider five ways to make your relocation process more manageable and as stress-free as possible.

Plan Ahead


The most important thing is to put the necessary plans in place way ahead of time. The more you manage to accomplish ahead of the actual moving day, the less stress your relocation process will be. How much time you should give yourself depends on how much time you can afford to free up. The more time you give yourself, the less work you’ll have to do. Therefore, in the months leading to your move, organize, declutter, and start packing as you can. Doing this will help ensure that everything you need is packed appropriately. Planning way ahead of time also means that you’ll have a smooth packing and unpacking process.

Establish Zones

Set some weeks aside to create zones around your home to help you streamline your packing process. Creating zones will not only help make your packing process more organized, but it’ll also help when unpacking. As you take things off your shelves, cabinets, and wardrobes, separate them into groups, depending on where each item will go in your next home. If you happen to combine two bedrooms in your next home, make sure you pack those items together and label them.

Try to anticipate how you’ll utilize the space in your new home. Doing this will help you classify or create the right zones for each item. You can also create a “no-pack” zone for items you’ll need daily. You can also include things you’ll need while “away” from your packed stuff. Your “no-pack” zone can consist of essential documents, clothes, jewelry, toiletries, and things like that. Alternatively, when it comes to clothes, you can purchase a reversible dress online, which you can wear in different ways while your other clothes are packed and ready to move.

Using a Moving Company

Using a moving company comes with so many benefits, chief among them because it helps take a chunk of the load off your shoulders. A moving company will help you save time and money while ensuring that all your items are transported safely. However, before choosing a company, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re available in your location. For example, if you live in South Florida, you can opt for the services of Solomon & Sons.

Solomon & Sons is a moving company in Fort Lauderdale FL, with experience in moving and relocation solutions. The company provides superior relocation and storage solutions for South Florida homes and businesses. They also offer customized full service moving solutions to suit any moving and relocation need.

Additionally, you should also take pictures and make notes of your items’ condition, especially breakable items and furniture. That’ll help you to provide proof in case of any damages. Also, ensure that you’re present when the moving company’s labeling and packing your items. Make sure your items are correctly marked and don’t be afraid to speak out if things aren’t done right. Don’t forget to offer your packers some snacks, water, and access to your washroom. If there’s anything you don’t want to pack, place a “no pack” label on it and make that clear to your packers.

Packing by Yourself

You need to consider a few things if you decide to do the tiring job of packing and relocating all by yourself. First of all, consider the distance. The longer the distance you need to travel, the more care you need to put into your packing and wrapping. When packing glass items or other breakables over very long distances, you must wrap them up correctly. Start wrapping with several sheets of paper and keep it together with sticky tape. Make sure that there isn’t space left in the box—the less space, the more chances that your breakables won’t wobble around in their boxes.

When packing kitchenware, tape the lids of pans and storage bowls and ensure that there’s no extra space left in the boxes they’re in. If there’s some space, you stuff papers to fill it. Doing this will prevent contents from spilling mid-way during your relocating process.

Always ensure that items like picture frames and dishes go into boxes specially made for them or breakable items. The same rule should apply to your mirrors and other glass items. Additionally, take the time to declutter. As mentioned earlier, you should create a “no pack” zone, including the things you intend to give away. You may not be as rich as billionaires, Laura and John Arnold, but you don’t need to be rich to be kind.

Before you unpack, clean up!

Before you move into your new home, take the time to ensure that all the necessary fixes and your preferred designs have been made. In the kitchen, especially, the last thing you want to do is making design changes after you have unpacked. For example, if you’re going to make changes to your kitchen design, like picking a kitchen backsplash, do so before moving to ensure that you make the right choices.

After you arrive in your new home, take the time to figure out the right arrangement for your furniture before you unload the truck. That’ll help you get the help of your movers in placing your furniture in the right position. Without planning ahead of time, you might be left with extra work to do on your own. Schedule your moving process days ahead of time as soon as you receive your new keys. That’ll take a lot of the offloading and arrangement as well as a load of stress off your shoulders.

Moving day can be very hectic. But with proper planning and the help of a moving company, you can minimize the stress considerably. Take the time to follow the simple tips in this article to ensure that your move into your new home is swift and smooth.